Dual Test Feature Smoke Detector make NFPA Standard 72 compliance easy.

We understand you want to comply with all the NFPA standards. You know you should test your detectors regularly - int´s a safety issue, after all; people´s lives could be at stake. It´s such an ordeal: you have to set a ladder, climb up, verify smoke entry, get out your calibrated probe or meter and verify the sensor is working within it´s rated range, then climb down before moving on to the next detector. It might be a five or ten minutes job if you had just one smoke detector, but in a building of any size, it could take a whole crew days to accomplish. A crew that has other, more pressing work to do. So you put it off. Again.

We understood that what you needed was a detector you could test without a separate probe or meter - or even a ladder. And so we created the Hochiki America Dual Test Feature Smoke Detector.